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Our high school program began with 9th grade in Fall 2020. We are so excited to add 12th grade in 2023-24 and will have a full high school with 9th - 12th grades moving forward!

Beginning in 2023-24, classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, following a block schedule with each class meeting for 90 minutes once/week. Core subjects are Bible, English, Science, and History. Electives offered include Spanish 1 & 2, Art, Math, Computer Fundamentals, and Study Hall.

Core classes are offered as part of our overall High School program and not a la carte. There are ways we can work with you, though, to ensure you receive the classes needed. In Senior year, we offer an alternate optional schedule to be able to meet all of our Seniors needs. We also offer extra-curricular activities for all students, which includes Beta Club and High School Hangouts.

While academics are very important, we believe that a student's relationship with Christ is most important. Our monthly Go MAD (Make A Difference) events are a time for students to grow in their faith and friendships as well as serve others locally and globally. Our heart is to not only provide a solid academic program, but to build a safe Christian community for our high schoolers to help disciple them in preparation for adulthood.

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