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Our high school program began with 9th grade in Fall 2020. 10th grade has been added for 2021-22. 11th & 12th grades will be added one at a time over the following two years. We are excited to have the class of '24 as our first graduating class!

Classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays following a block schedule with each class meeting for 90 minutes once/week. Core subjects are Bible, English, Science, and History. Electives offered are Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Spanish 1 & 2, Art, Drama, Health/PE, Computer Fundamentals, and Study Hall. Core classes are offered as part of our overall High School program and not a la carte.

While academics are very important, we believe that a student's relationship with Christ is most important. We have monthly Go MAD (Make A Difference) events where students grow in their faith and friendships as well as serve others locally and globally. Our heart is to not only provide a solid academic program but to build a safe Christian community for our high schoolers to help disciple them in preparation for adulthood.